A useful and easy project management tool.
WSS(White Shark System) is a free browser-based cooperation multitask management system, and be able to manage your projects, tasks, workhour, and working log, etc. WSS focuses more on the user experience and clear interface than others. It is very accessible for the project manager. Learn more
Project management

Project management and labour hour summary, calculation project costs.

Task management

Task management by gantt chart view and labour hour summary.

Work log

Fill out work log by calendar view, clear and easy.


Customize the initialization of the component.

Who uses WSS?
Corporation leader
WSS will help the corporation save communication costs, save time and improve efficiency; WSS can also help corporation learn employees status, assist to make decision.
HR and Accountant
Check the employees' work status and the labour hour saturation, take them as the basis for performance assessment.
Manage the project by WSS. Monitor project progress, validate the cost of the project,and allocate the resource.
Department manager
Assign tasks by WSS, and monitor the task progress of the team member.
Get the assigned tasks and fill out work log.
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